Marvel Vs DC

The never ending rivalry between these two giants of the industry

By Eric Santos | 2018-06-24

Marvel Vs DC - cover issue no 1

How many times have you argued or listened a conversation about how DC has the greatest heroes, how Marvel has the best movies, How Cap could beat Batman? Both publishers fueled the rivalry and even published some stories together. The most famous is Marvel Vs DC / Dc Vs Marvel, where the mightiest heroes of each company would fight and the public would vote who would win. I recall reading that comic as a kid and be anxious to see Wolverine, my favorite superhero, fight against Lobo. How I enjoyed this comic! 

Personally, I believe the rivalry is unimportant. I read DC and Marvel and Image and everything that is good no matter the publisher. I try to follow a writer or artist and not a publisher. I believe that’s when you find out you grew up, right? Still, I can’t avoid having in my heart an inclination towards one side of the scale. Sorry, I can’t avoid it. I grew up with X-men cartoons, x-men comics. At that time that was all I read, because I had barely enough money to follow all the mutant titles to understand one story (Damn you Marvel !). I couldn’t follow Superman or Batman. Simply I didn’t have enough money. I believe that stuck on me, because no matter how bad a mutant story is, how the reviews trash a comic, I want to have it and read it. I have the urge to have a complete x-men collection. (we all know that is pretty much impossible) and this doesn’t happen with any other superheroes of any other publisher no matter how much I enjoy today other things.

Bottom line is, I guess every time I read a comic I become the kid I was when I started this vice and that's why is so hard to quit. 

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