Continuity in Comics

Do we really need continuity in comics ?

By Eric Santos | 2018-06-20

Alex Ross cover - Crisis on infinite earths

I don’t care the continuity in comics. I really don’t. In fact, I wish this wasn’t considered at the moment of writing a good story.  Writers have a huge history baggage that makes their work more like an historian and less like a comic book writer. And this affect us all, because it prevents them to deliver a solid story.

I don’t care if you write a story where Captain America loses an arm to show me something a never saw before, from a new angle as long as you respect and honor the fundamentals of our hero and in the next story he has the arm again. I really don’t. 

We all know that nothing is written in stone.  Heroes die, Villain become Heroes. Anything can happen and for the sake of continuity we end up having bizarre explanations or a deus ex machina resolution. If would be more honest to say “I want to tell you this story, whatever happens next I don’t care and you shouldn’t too as long as the story is good”

I don’t want to argue with people why Wolverine is in the X-men mansion when last issue was in Alaska. I don’t know and I don’t care. You want to give tell me a story of Thor being a woman? Go for it, I don’t care. As long as you respect the essence of the character.

The only thing continuity does is turning comics in a Soap opera. And I don’t want that.  If we don’t respect continuity it would be easier to new readers to get into comics. You have never read a Spider-man comic, never mind read spider-man #8984 and you will still enjoy it.

I'm glad there are people out there that think like me , like Jim Palmiotti and I quote "Not a fan of super tight continuity in comics. Stories suffer too much and then the books have to be rebooted over and over and over and over comics are now" Check out his twitter feed, there is a good conversation there @jpalmiotti 


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